The D575A-3 SD of Komatsu

The biggest dozer in the series is the "Superdozer" called the D-575A-3.It is built by the company Komatsu which is located in Japan. Komatsu assembles these massive machines in a place called Ishikawa .The Komatsu superdozer is powered by a turbo-loaded, drawer-air-cooled 12 cylinder diesel with the code name SA12V170E. This motor which develops a performance range of 1150 HP has the capacity equal to the tank-content of a medium-range car with 1800 r.p.m. The Awesome performance of this mighty engine and tremendous motor-torque allow this superdozer enormous feats of pushing strength of over 485,000 lb ! The colossal blade, which is carried majestically by the D-575A-3, has a capacity of unbeatable 90 yd³ which allows it to push 348,000 lb of overburden effortlessly. The heavy blade which weighs over 22,000 lb is 24'3" wide and reaches a height of almost 11' .The D575 Super dozer is 38'5" long from the front of the blade to the end of the ripper .The operator's cab measurement from the ground to the very top of the roof is an incredible 16' high ! Located at the rear of this massive dozer is a giant ripper. It is so stable that it can even rip rock-hardened ground close to one meter wide.This adds up to a big advantage near residential-areas, where drifting dirt and rubble is prohibited. Everything thing about this massive machine denotes power and only one dozer even comes close, the one of a kind Acco built in Italy.However the Acco has since been retired and was a non-production dozer unlike the Superdozer which remains to this day the top of the line bulldozer for Komatsu... !

translated by: Chet from New Jersey, USA.

The most important technical data in the overview:

use-weight: 339.000 lb

performance: 1150 HP

blade capacity: 90 yd³

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