The CAT D11R

Caterpillar can also secure itself a place in the world of large dozer's with the D11R. This is the largest dozer made by Caterpillar. It hosts a CAT 3508B engine rated at 850 HP. The operating weight of the D11R is in the 220,000 lb. range. The dozer of the D11R can push up to 45 cubic yards of material at a time. The dozer has a width of 21'1" and a hight of 9'5". One of the most interesting features of all Caterpillar dozer's is the Delta-Drive. This is characterized by the high mounted drive wheel. This design places the drive wheel out of the dirt and allows it to operate shock-free. The D11R is capable of over 330,000 lbs of thrust. In third gear, the dozer reaches a maximum speed of 8.7 MPH. The D11R is 36'1" long from the tip of the dozer to the end of the ripper and the roof of the cab is 15'4" high. The tracks on the D11R are nearly 3'3" wide.

translated by Dustin Ehli from Lidgerwood in North Dakota, USA

...Video: D11R at work at Holcim (2,19 min /27MB)...

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The most important technical data in the overview:

use-weight: 220,000 lb

performance: 850 HP

blade capacity: 45 yd³

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